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Yixing Teapots Technique

"YangSan  Famous ceramic" Yixing teapots "A side non- type Not one " Yes Hundred years Person Does With . In is suitable Yixing teapots In the construction, may greatly slightly Minute, flower Muscle Three is big . Also may divide  And Fang Qi Big Former mainly is Hits the body tube to take shape  Yixing teapots with essence Is higher The body tube takes shape the law Yixing teapots Technique Is the world ceramic In culture Rarely . In addition, still some one  The body tube takes shape the law, is the affiliation by the gypsum mold of Yixing teapots Helps Takes shape, may promote Makes the efficiency, after but the thick semifinished product takes shape, still needed the massive handworks to repair and maintain  Labor Ceramics Note Takes shape the law to be completely different, cannot mix One . Yixing teapots  Level Other earthenware The high factor is: Its modelling  And matches colors By in Does Completes together, therefore he Must have High  Makes . Must from previous hundred The bamboo, the wooden small tool, does Modelling Unimportance Helps the method Causes the Yixing teapots  Level  Friendly Beautiful degree. Because The Yixing teapots ceramic is different with other ceramics Outside does not apply glaze therefore Makes the technique   Is in Empties the after semifinished product Surface and precision work. Use above each Tool The body tube and the cementation has been good and the spot Mouth With  Good precision work. Often must pass The previous hundred sets of repeatedly working procedures only then complete. If A partial putty piece The curvature does not grasp Perhaps has any one  The surface is crooked, then  Sends   Semifinished product body in thousand high Next twists tpos boxs Shape, so then  All loses, therefore However is suitable Yixing teapots everybody do Not only wants To becomes a useful person  Tall and straight, dynamics passes The inhuman person could and.